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Pencil Pleat

At Lacortina, we offer a wide range of ready made pencil pleat curtains in a variety of colours, sizes and styles. Easily identifiable by their namesake header which creates neat pencil-like pleats, this style of curtain is great for both traditional and more modern interiors.
For a great night’s sleep, try our blackout pencil pleat curtains, designed to prevent unwanted natural light from entering your home. A thermal blackout pencil pleat curtain will also help to regulate the temperature inside the room, keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
Our on-trend pink pleated curtains are ideal for freshening up your home, while our grey pencil pleat curtains will add a sense of stylish sophistication to any room. Other popular colours for our pencil pleat curtains include white, black, cream, yellow, mustard, red, navy, blue, green and teal. Of course, we know that patterned pencil pleat curtains are in fashion too. We stock a wide range including check, floral, striped, geometric and more.

Double Pinch Pleat

Double pinch pleat curtains have small groups of pleats separated by flat sections of fabric, pinch pleat curtain hooks are used at each pleat, so the curtains are suspended by the pleats with flat fabric between. Pinch pleats give a more formal look and the curtains tend to hang in uniform folds. The pinch pleat heading can also be made with triple pleats to create a very full more traditional looking curtain if preferred, this will require more fabric as a 2.5 x fabric fulness is recommended.

Triple Pinch Pleat

Triple pinch pleat curtains are ideal for dining rooms and sitting rooms, due to the formal finish they help to provide. As they ‘stack back’ neatly, they’re also a great solution if you have limited wall space either side.

With a range of styles available, including plain, patterned and striped options, you’re sure to find an option in our range that suits your style and home décor options. Whether you’re looking to create a bold contrast with bright red curtains, or complete an understated look, you’ll find a solution by using our filters on the left-hand-side of the page.

Wave Curtains

The header refers to the top of the curtain, where the fabric is gathered in a particular way. There are several types of headers and each provides a different look. These include eyelet, pencil pleat, pinch pleat, double and triple pinch pleat. You can also choose a wave header. This is where the fabric is gathered into softly rippling folds. It’s a less formal look than some of the other curtain header styles, perfect for creating a relaxed and informal feel within the home.

Wave curtains are fitted to a slim, discreet curtain track so they are suitable for all standard sized windows. Because they have a relaxed fold, they help to create a contemporary look in any home. They work particularly well in large open-plan living rooms and kitchen-diners, although they look great anywhere.

Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains are very practical both in terms of their ease to hang and in their application. As described, you can easily hang your eyelet curtains simply by threading them onto a curtain pole of your choice. Their practicality doesn’t end there; they are easy to open and close as their design enables them to smoothly run along the curtain pole with no risk of them getting caught or stuck on a track. In addition to this you can increase the practicality of your eyelet curtains by choosing certain fabric types for specific rooms in the house. For example, blackout eyelet curtains make a very practical and stylish choice for bedrooms.

Victorian Curtains

The Victorians tended to use heavy living room curtains often in several layers – this was used as a protection from drafts in houses where there were gaps around windows and doors allowing cold air to enter rooms. Other reasons why the Victorians used the most heavy and thick curtain fabric they could afford is because they tended to try to keep their world private and valued this more than they valued seeing out of the windows. Curtains also protected what was inside the house from damage by bright sunlight. However above all, as you probably already know, the Victorians loved to show off their wealth and good taste and with the choice of colours, textures, patterns and designs, curtains allowed them to do this in abundance. Many modern vintage curtain fabrics aim to replicate this richness but in a toned down way. The Victorians would probably live in one house and keep the same curtains for several decades if not their whole life, hence would be willing to invest a large sum of money in Victorian curtain fabrics whereas nowadays this is very rarely done and vintage fabrics needs to be at a cost that enables them to be of more disposable nature.

Printed Curtains

Our printed window curtains online are yes 100% cotton and available with or without linings. Made to smoothly slide on curtains rods, it will be a smooth maintenance for you too as it is 100% color fast. Now is this not small pleasure in life that is so convenient? Adorn your house with our graceful assortment and you will see that your home windows and doors have never looked so appealing.