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We at Lacortina ensures that you have balanced and classy rooms apt for your home atmosphere. Our expert hands provide a wide range of products and services from Smart home solutions, Cushions and Bed throws, Customised services and Blinds and curtains in Dubai making us the perfect spot to make your home complete.

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  • AMC program

    Get your AMC for all curtaind and blinds we provide

  • Free consultation

    Our consultants will arrange a time to meet you at home

  • Access to International Fabrics

    We have created our own Fiber Eco-Review

  • Automation friendly

    you can watch your curtains or blinds automatically open and close with motorized curtain rails and tracks

  • Craftmanship & experiences of more than 100 Villa

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Blinds and Curtains Dubai
Window blinds

Window blinds

Functional, versatile, and ultra stylish -- Our window blinds make for
the perfect window accessory for your home and office spaces. We offer
an exhaustive collection of blinds and shades including roman blinds, panel
blinds, blackout blinds and shades, vertical blinds, and more in a multitude of
designs and colors and custom designed also.


Our fabulous range of designer curtains dubai are available in a variety
of materials which offer the perfect combination of privacy and style.
We have a carefully curated and fully customizable range of made
to measure curtains that can work in any room and any decor.

Somfy Smart Home Solutions

Somfy Smart Home Solutions

Lacortina is a global and scalable solution. With TaHoma you can start by
connecting one device, and then gradually connect all your shutters, Motorised
roller blinds, lights, heating, garage door, camera, alarm and more. Welcome to the
smart home era with 200 compatible Somfy product ranges, from our 20 partners brands.

Cushions and Bed throws

Bed throws are usually blanket sized fabrics made of different expensive materials
which are to be draped over the bed. Whether bed throws or sofa throws, they are
multipurpose items. They provide instant coziness and comfort when you get into
your bed or couch. If you are looking for Bed throws in Dubai.

Cushion and Bed throws

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