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Motorized Curtains

We are a leading Manufacturer & Wholesaler of Motorised systems such as Curtain Blinds, Motorized Curtains and Motorized Curtain Solution from UAE. We are looking for Queries from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah,Ajman, regions only.

Glydea Range


Motorized Blinds

Motorized curtains connect your home with innovation. So don’t pull heavy or hard to reach curtains now, it will be done by automatic curtains. Get rid of cables or cords hanging around. Just sit and let the motorized curtain track do its job. Enjoy a perfect home every time and feel the elegance that will be added in the room. This automatic curtain system will definitely receive applause from your friends and family members, and yes it deserves the same.

Soneese Series

Altus Series

Smart home with Somfy

Somfy entered the digital era by launching the TaHoma® smart home box in 2010 and the first natively connected Smart & Smooth RS100 motor in 2015. Since then, the Group has been pushing the development of connected solutions around our core business activities: indoor and outdoor applications and residential access management.





Alexa & Google home integration

lexa and Google Assistant are the only two voice-enabled home assistants worth considering right now. While Apple's Siri is useful on iPhones and Microsoft's Cortana works well on PCs, they both fall far behind Alexa and Google Assistant when it comes to answering a wide range of queries and accessing third-party skills by voice on home entertainment devices.